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GCCK “connecting knowledge”
education, information and consulting

Established in 2014 GCCK “connecting knowledge” offers support and innovative consulting to firms, businesses, professionals and administrations.

Our experience in the public sphere and in project management both nationally and internationally, and our academic and research activity, allow us to reflect on new opportunities of success on the global and interconnected market.

Solid organizational skills, abilities to exploit easily available information and networking can produce original and innovative results, consulting activities, expertise and proposals fit for diverse sectors and intercultural and multilingual contexts. We speak Italian, Arabic, English, French, German.

Anyone can browse the net and produce information, draft a program and put forward a project.
Connecting existing information in unexpected ways, mobilizing different knowledge, skills and experience is a different story.

Our thorough knowledge of Mediterranean cultures and civilizations and our experience in Europe and North America, allow us to work out marketing strategies and projects for many diverse sectors: tourism, arts, crafts, cultural heritage, in contexts where an unexpected and unconventional point of view is a key to success.

Over twenty years of experience, reliability, professionalism, open-mindedness. This is what we can offer to harmonize ideas and concepts and promote cooperation among different subjects in many areas.

Our goal is producing winning proposals for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Identification and development of new activities

Giuliana Cacciapuoti - esperta in cultura islamica e del mediterraneo

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Giuliana Cacciapuoti
P.IVA 08039621217

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